AI in action

Five core principles underpin Appreciative Inquiry practice, creating a framework for AI training. They are:

  • The constructionist principle – Words create worlds
  • The simultaneity principle – Inquiry is change – the first question is fateful
  • The anticipatory principle – Image inspires action
  • The poetic principle – What we focus on grows
  • The positive principle – Positive questions lead to positive change

Generativity is a key concept in AI. Essentially it means generating new – and actionable – ideas, energising and inspiring; often challenging assumptions and raising fundamental questions. Positivity without generativity can often make AI a fleeting experience. You’ll find some more useful information at

Appreciative Inquiry makes use of several key tools. (These ‘protocols’, as they’re known, are also called conversation guides and scripts). They’re:

5D cycle – Define, Discover, Dream, Design and Delivery (which is also sometimes called Destiny) – which you can read more about here,

SOAR, the AI alternative to a SWOT analysis, which is focused around strengths, opportunities, aspirations and results.

Our friend and collaborator Jackie Kelm has made a great introductory film about AI, which helps slot everything into place: