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A Taste of AI workshop

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Grundtvig Lifelong Learning Programme

Appreciating People began a European Grundtvig project in August, with partners in Italy and the Czech Republic. Grundtvig projects focus on exchange of ideas, practices and experiences between different European organisations. Ours is called Sharing strengths, developing communities – promoting strength-based learning across societies for the future. We’re sharing our approaches to adult learning and development

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Anfield proud, passionate and strong: Imagine Anfield Flourishing – community development best practice

Imagine Anfield Flourishing is about people and how the people of Anfield will determine what’s best for them and their community development. The journey started with a conversation in June 2012, which has led to 100s of conversations being held across Anfield since. All of those conversations are contributing to the emerging actions for a

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Fun, passion, knowledge and interest: why they’re vital – not just nice to have – for great teamwork

As I exchanged Christmas best wishes via email with my fellow AI practitioner Christine Sanchez Whitney, she shared her recent AI project with a US engineering company, which explored company values. One of the agreed values was the importance of fun. This comment stayed with me – partially because I found it unexpected and unusual.

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