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Appreciative Inquiry: Past, Present and Future – Celebrating with Jane Magruder Watkins in Colonial Williamsburg

From the 19 to 21 February this year at William and Mary College, Williamsburg, Virginia, AI practitioners from all over the world will assemble to celebrate and share the contribution Jane Magruder Watkins has made to the world wide development of Appreciative Inquiry. She will be there with her husband Ralph Kelly, and many other

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Taste of AI now available in Spanish

We are really excited to announce that Taste of AI – our most popular resource – has been translated into Spanish.         The translation has been done by our partners in Barcelona, Inspiring Partners, who are experts in organisational development. They encourage the talent within an organisation to innovate and act successfully, creating new opportunities for the organisation

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Appreciating People support conference on Flourishing Schools

It’s a year now since we published our How to be More Awesome journal – an Appreciative journal for young people, and we’ve really enjoyed increasing the amount of work we do with schools. We’re proud to be presenting at the Flourishing Schools inaugural conference in London, on 22-23 January this year at TASIS The American

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The appreciated world came into being with the development of man’s capability for self-reflection, a faculty encompassing much more than just thinking. This reflection holds the world—the physical, social, and spiritual aspects of man’s world—……. through all forms of experience. It embraces our appreciation of what this world can do to and for us, and

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