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The appreciated world came into being with the development of man’s capability for self-reflection, a faculty encompassing much more than just thinking. This reflection holds the world—the physical, social, and spiritual aspects of man’s world—……. through all forms of experience. It embraces our appreciation of what this world can do to and for us, and

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An appreciative podcast

Appreciative inquiry is a strategy for purposeful and profound change. It identifies the best of ‘what is’ and then encourages one to dream of ‘what could be.’ It is a collaborative search for the strengths and passions which can lead to inspired, positive change.  A key characteristic of AI is that it is generative –

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How Appreciative Inquiry can support a Psychologically Informed Environments – PIE

The PIE approach was developed by the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG), psychologists, academics, and supported housing organisations. It was outlined in Psychologically Informed Services for Homeless People: Good Practice Guide, published by DCLG, the University of Southampton and St Mungo’s in 2012. The report recognised that many of the people who used homelessness

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The Five AI Elements

Over the last year we’ve delivered AI workshops with a huge range of clients and collaborators, from schools to churches, health and charities. From this experience, we realised that five key components were required for an Appreciative Inquiry intervention to have maximum impact. Five ‘vital elements’ of the appreciative process need to flourish to support the

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