Team building

Strength-based team building is an adaptable, flexible tool, particularly useful for:

    • supporting and creating successful teams – both in long-established teams, and short, task-focused groups
    • building team success by cataloguing ‘what works’ – emphasising the experience, resources, skills and strengths of each member of the team
    • adaptable format for working with everything from small teams of 6-12 to hundreds of people across an organisation
    • giving new teams a ‘kick start’, from quickly establishing a ‘team story’
    • organisations benefit from positive interactive experiences, designed to build internal collaboration across the group



Appreciating People’s strength-based team building approach uses tools including Appreciative Inquiry, and Experiential Learning to develop and strengthen the success of a team. Using positive reflection and asking questions about ‘what works?’, and what a team has achieved, provide an uplifting reminder of successes and skills.

Strength-based team building is equally applicable across the private and public sector. This quote is from a staff member at a hostel, where we provided a two-day AI team building session:

  • ‘Having been in this job for 20 years this AI team building is the best that I have been on.’
    Hostel staff member

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    In recent years Appreciating People has supported and facilitated a number of team building and team support workshops. Some of those examples include: the National Archive; Gower Heritage Trust; Citizen Engagement; Stoke Big Local; New Beginnings Charity; Studio School, Liverpool’s staff CPD programme, Blackpool Communications Team and Federation For Small Business’s national policy teams.